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Millbrook Horse Trials 2017

Wow, what a weekend! We are so proud of Kristen Smith and Trident. Trident gave his best dressage test to date. Relaxed and focused, he meant business from the second he entered the ring. He ate up the training level cross country course, just beating a major electrical storm that blew in as he crossed the finish line. In stadium, Trident was was once again focused, being very careful over every fence.

Krissy was steady and consistent in the saddle, supporting and motivating Trident where necessary during his third outing at training level. It is wonderful to watch this team strengthen and grow with every ride.

Jenny kept Trident (and Krissy) immaculately turned out, and made sure that there were plenty of treats for Trident and Gatorade for Krissy after each phase.

Photos by Kathy Landman

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